Adult dating in Limerick

Casual sex dating in Limerick

Looking to get lucky in Limerick? Then here’s the complete guide to finding the best possible casual sex experience in this fantastic city.

Sometimes, you just want to have sex. You don’t want to go on dates, build a relationship, or any of that other time-consuming stuff— you just want to throw down, roll around, and get it on.

Casual sex dating is the perfect choice for everyone out there who wants the sex without the commitment. The only way you need to click with your partner is on a sexual level; no need to listen to their life history or their hopes and dreams for the future, just have a bit of fun and then move on with your lives!

Wrong city? No problem, our app covers every city. Here are some of our most popular cities to find casual sex in: Cork, Bray and Drogheda.

Top things to expect from casual sex in Limerick

Limerick is a vibrant, cultured, and — by Irish standards — pretty liberated, so if you’re looking for casual sex in Limerick then you could very well be in luck.

When you engage in casual sex, you’ll soon realise that it has a number of advantages over so-called ‘intimate’ sex. Intimate sex — and especially sex in the bounds of a relationship — can be impacted by a variety of issues, from one partner having had a long day to one or both of you just not being in the mood. There’s no risk of that when you engage in casual sex relationships in Limerick. You’ll both be in the mood, headaches won’t be an issue, and you’ll both be 100% sure that you’re going to ‘get lucky’ when you meet— what could be better than that?

Limerick is one of the more more affluent cities in Ireland, so there’s plenty of high-earning, powerful people who need to blow off some steam after a long working week with some casual sex. This means there’s definitely no shortage of sexually adventurous people in Limerick, so you should have no problem finding your perfect casual sex match in the city!

Places to find casual sex in Limerick is the perfect choice if you’re looking for somewhere to arrange casual sex meetups in Limerick; browse from the comfort of your own home and see what fun might come of it!

In terms of where to look if you want to take in the sights of the town rather than through a screen, Flannery’s Bar is considered one of the best nightlife venues in Limerick. It’s definitely worth a visit to Flannery’s if you’re looking to connect with potential sexual partners.

Places to get down and dirty in Limerick

If you’re feeling adventurous, People’s Park in Limerick is often cited as a potential dogging site, so it might be worth a trip to explore and see what might be in store! Other well-known dogging sites include the carpark of the Parkway Shopping Centre and Lough Gur.

There are also a number of swingers clubs in Limerick, with the most popular venue being the I-Kandi Venue— definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a totally different experience!

If you’re looking for something a little more personal, then the city sprawl of Limerick has many secluded places to explore for some secretive casual sex in public. Have an explore and see what you discover!

Improve your chances of hooking up

If you’re looking for casual sex in Limerick, you definitely want to Create a profile on if you truly want to skyrocket your chances of finding the perfect person to get down and dirty with.

You also want to take the time to make sure that profile is worth reading. A sentence about yourself isn’t sufficient— take the time to make sure your profile is sparkling with information, wit, and a little bit of naughtiness! Be upfront about your likes and dislikes, and what you hope to find from a casual sex encounter— there’s no point holding back, so don’t be shy! This is your chance to say what you really want and detail what you have to offer to others, so go for it.

It is important to learn how to manage multiple partners. With so many people in the town looking to hook up, keeping track of who you’re meeting next can be a challenge. The best way of doing this is by setting reminders on your phone to ensure you keep in touch with everyone you might want a reunion with in the future.

How to start hooking up online?

Using couldn’t be easier. Use this simple five-step process and soon you’ll be having all the casual sex you can manage:

  1. Sign up for a profile on
  2. The sign up takes less than one minute and is completely free, so you will have the chance to browse within seconds of landing on the site.
  3. Put the effort in to ensure your profile is worth reading and showcases you properly to potential hookups.
  4. Meet like-minded people and take your online connection into an offline interaction!
  5. And remember, casual sex means that you don’t have to be ‘faithful’, so you can juggle more than one partner if you wish!

And there you have it; casual sex in Limerick is more than attainable, so follow the thoughts and steps above and you won’t go far wrong. Enjoy!

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